What is the Living Lab?

What is the Basaksehir Living Lab?

Basaksehir Living Lab is an environment where products and services related to information technologies and design can be tested and developed in a real-life environment with real users.

Basaksehir Living Lab is an experience, research and innovation environment that enables society to see the real added value of new products and services.

The new address of innovation and entrepreneurship in Turkey; informatics, technology, design, incubation center and user experience and much more together.

Başakşehir Innovation and Technology Center building within the scope of Başakşehir Living Lab has a fiber optic internet infrastructure with 1 Gb speed capacity and has a Gold level LEED Green building certificate.

Entrepreneurs with projects on information technologies and design, if their projects are approved, can work in the areas allocated to them at Başakşehir Innovation and Technology Center and benefit from all the privileged opportunities at Başakşehir Living Lab free of charge throughout the project process.

All institutions and organizations that are our business partners can take part in the Başakşehir Living Lab ecosystem with the same advantages and privileges.